Wishes are such interesting things. Sometimes they are public declarations requesting a group energy to see them fulfilled. Other times, they are guarded, kept secret, as if speaking them would cause them to die on the spot. And then there are those wishes that we know deep in our hearts will never come true. Yes…

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Protected: Before You Begin…..

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

The Other Half – Fairy Lights Tarot In Review

It is said that each of us have someone in the world that is just for us, even if we don’t want them. Some call them soul mates, some call them twin flames others call them a pain in the ass. Like it or not there is an energy out there that is your matching…

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Wisdom Of the House Of Night In Review

Wisdom of the House of Night, Oracle deck by P.C. Cast and Colette Baron-Reid * 50 card deck and guide book a.k.a little white book, published by potter style * This deck is good for beginner to advanced. * Nice thick gloss card stock. Can stick together out of the box but usually easy to…

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EP#4 Totemscopes Nov 3 – 9 2014

Aries animal totem frill neck lizard – Aries how are you presenting yourself? This week is all about how others perceive you. Are you projecting confidence, strength and composure or are you coming across as wishy-washy? In order to create what you need this week you were going to have to appear like you deserve…

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Advice Over A Cuppa – Samhain Blog Hop 2014

Previous / Master / Next In many cultures Halloween is considered a time when the veil between the physical world and non physical world is thin. This means that during the Halloween period one can reach out and contact those who have passed. This is why celebrations of the ancestors are prevalent near the end…

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Start Your Journey Through The Eclipse Cycle With Goddess Diana

Today marks the beginning of Octobers eclipse cycle, which just happens to be under a retrograde cycle. Some may think this is a bad thing, but truth be told I love the potential this particular pocket of energy offers all of us from one eclipse to the next. I see it like a bridge that…

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2014 Mabon Blog Hop

< Previous | Master List | Next > Question For the Mabon 2014 Blog Hop: How or what has changed the way you use Tarot in your daily experience or enhanced your relationship with the cards themselves? I have to admit that my answer to this question is twofold. You see it was a combination…

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Is your tarot space safe?

One of the things I love the most about being a tarot reader is how many ‘Tarot Virgins’ I get to work with. By that I mean how many people come to me for their very first tarot experience. I take this as a huge honor. I always ask my tarot virgins how come they…

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