Tis the season of the ancestors and they come bearing gifts!

At this time of year many feel the need to connect back to the older parts of who they are.
Back to the history that created them.
Back to the ancestors.

As the dark begins to dominate our world and the light becomes less and less, the stage is set for a period of rediscovery.

Letting go of what has been and who you used to be is a normal part of fall.
But knowing which things to give up and surrender and which pieces of self to keep are conversations we have with those who came before us.
For who we become changes not only us but those yet to come.

So what do the ancestors have in store for you?
What things are they ready for your to shed?
How will you enter this time of darkened reflection with the Earth Mother?

Connecting with the ancestors is not only healing but essential to our growth and expansion. Yet many of us either never do it or don’t know how. The journey of the ancestor sessions allow you to connect with those in your linage that not only come bearing gifts, but those who are ready to take that which no longer serves you. They wish to heal, repair and empower you so that you may enter the world anew .

Each session is 40 minutes in length and is done over the phone.
Only 10 spaces available.
Halloween Special Rate $57.00